Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns Triumphant!

I'm not a big Superman fan. Never have been. I just find the guy dull, especially in light of other more complex superheroes out there presently. But man, I loved Superman Returns. Sure, he doesn't have the most exciting powers, but this story has heart. It focuses on his relationship with Lois and dealing with the fact that she's moved on since his absence. Lois Lane, for the record, is awesome in this movie. She's an extremely capable woman and Brian Singer reminds us all over again why we love her. And he does something similar with Superman. Clark Kent's kind of a non-entity in this film, but Superman is someone that I really liked, boring powers and all. I think the fact that Superman returned from a five year absence and had to earn the respect of the populace all over again made him vulnerable, especially given Lois needed said convincing as well. It was an interesting situation to see Superman in, and it made his character maybe seem a little more human in light of it. However, because of his iconic status, there are things that can be done using Superman that just couldn't be done with other men in tights, as Singer was all-too-aware (can you spot all of the blatant Superman-as-Christ imagery?). And Kevin Spacey makes a mean Luther while Parker Posey is great as the comic relief. The special effects revolve around Superman basically stopping disasters, but the action is stupendous and it is a special effects powerhouse. And, just to ease your mind, it's not too gay.

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