Thursday, June 22, 2006

In Passing...Manhunter to New Avengers

Quite a week for floppies: Astonishing X-Men, All-Star Superman, New Avengers, Manhunter...and I'll have reviews of Gargoyles and Eternals later in the week.

Manhunter #23 - This is a great title. Really. It's life has been extended a little, but people, come on, pick up the damn book and give it a chance. In this issue, Chase fights for her life against a knife-wielding maniac and Kate Spencer kinds out a little more about her family ties. A-

All-Star Superman #4 - I personally think that Superman is just a boring character, but the All-Star series, I like. This issue's the Jimmy Olsen issue. If you've read Showcase Presents Superman Family lately, you'll probably find that this has a lot in common with those cheesy Jimmy Olsen stories from the 70's. Out there and whacky. But Grant Morrison isn't so highly-revered for nothing. There are some really cool moments, including a new kryptonite and a really neat take on the crappy Death of Superman comic that pits Jimmy against Superman. A-

New Avengers #20 - The fourth and final issue of "The Collective" gives the energy being Michael a purpose and a finale, involving the island of Genosha. And it's quite a cool moment. Bendis has done a really great job of making the New Avengers a great book month after month, with interesting ideas and a great group dynamic. B

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