Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Marvel Solicits: September '06

Hot on the heels of DC, Marvel has released their solicitations of books shipping in September. Here are my highlights (full list at Comic Book Resources).

Ultimate Spider-Man #100 - The ultimate version of Spidey reaches his 100th issue. This a great series and I'm glad to see Bendis and Bagley reach this milestone on the series.

Blade #1 - I distinctly remember Joe Quesada saying that horror didn't work in comics (after a failed Blade mini-series had concluded) at a convention when asked of any Blade books in the works (an outlook that I completely disagree with). I guess a new hit TV series is enough to change his mind anyway...

Union Jack #1 (of 4) - The British superhero comes back for a four issue stint. Art by Mike Perkins.

Captain America #22 - I don't read Captain America anymore, but I may come back to it for the Civil War tie-in. It focuses on Agent 13 in SHIELD, and I thought that the SHIELD stuff was what really worked in the first issue of Civil War. Could be cool.

Ms. Marvel (Volume 1): Best of the Best Premiere HC - I'm not sure if this book really needs a hardcover, but it is a really good fun superhero book.

Zombie #1 (of 4) - A new MAX mini-series, in traditional zombie fashion.

Essential Thor (Volume 3) - Patrick's reading Volume 2 right now and loving it. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on some of their best work.

Essential Tales of the Zombie (Volume 1) - This could be a fun series to read a collection of. Marvel's caught the zombie bug lately, eh?

Astonishing X-Men #17 - I love this cover. Oh, and the mutant responsible for destroying the Breakworld is revealed here.

X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #1 (of 5) - Greg Pak, the mind behind the surprisingly good X-Men: Phoenix Endsong, brings another tale of the Phoenix entity, this one involving the lovely Stepford Cuckoos. Greg Land isn't returning for the sequel, but it had some solid storytelling the last time around, so I'm in. Art on Endsong is from Tyler Kirkham.

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