Saturday, June 10, 2006

Follow-up on The Ticking

Renee French e-mailed me the other day about The Ticking review on Comics-and-More and had some cool things to say about the handwriting:

"I have to say thank you for the nice stuff you said about my drawings AND my handwriting. Nobody has ever mentioned that before. The handwriting stuff. I've always been sort of self conscious of my handwriting not having that comics style that so many cartoonists have. Always thought I was too sloppy. In this case, just so you know, just because you noticed it, not that it's that interesting...

The handwriting, the script, I did by just writing backwards. Then I reversed it by writing on the back of the paper with my darker pencil using a lightbox. Seems completely insane but it felt more like drawing the words than writing them and I liked the way it looked. The printing, both Edison's and the all caps stuff were done, written upside down. Didn't have to do any lightbox with that, just turn it right side up."

I really like creators talking about their craft. Thanks for the insight, Renee!

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