Thursday, June 08, 2006

Monster Volume 3

Naoki Urasawa'a Monster has steadily gotten better with each installment of the series. The manga features Dr. Tenma, a brilliant surgeon on the run from authorities after he became the lead suspect in a serial murder case. Dr. Tenma is determined to track down the real killer. Each volume of the series actually feels like a chapter of a book, with a beginning, middle and end. Like a season of a television series, with an overarcing theme. In the latest volume, Dr. Tenma learns more about the killer's past as he visits East Berlin where the orphanages were scenes of true horror. One orphanage in particular, 511 Kinderheim, has a tragic past that the people Dr. Tenma interviews are less than happy to divulge details about. It's all very impressive, the mystery, the action, the drama. I think this latest volume really goes that extra mile to prove that Naoki Urasawa has earned his title as Japan's Master of Suspense. Although I hear 20th Century Boys and Pluto, later works by the author, are his real masterpieces. But for now, I'm completely content with the highly-entertaining Monster.

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