Monday, June 19, 2006

In Stores 6/21

Here's a highlight of books coming to comic stores this Wednesday (a full list of Diamond's books shipping can be found here)

Gargoyles #1 - Slave Labor Graphics are releasing a comic book series that follows the Gargoyles from the beloved Disney television cartoon series as they continue their adventures past the second season (ignoring the Goliath Chronicles debacle), with the original creative team behind the helm. Should be awesome - the cartoon really stands up well.

Eternals #1 (of 6) - A new mini-series from Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. begins, examining the mysterious alien race.

Showcase Presents Superman (Volume 2) - A second volume of that series that Patrick just couldn't get enough of...

Champions Classic (Volume 1) - Another series comes out from Marvel's "Classic" line of graphic novel reprints, this one featuring talent from the likes of Tony Isabella and Chris Clairmont as they bring together the Champions in the 70's: Black Widow, Hercules, Ghost Rider, Iceman and Angel.

Mome (Volume 4) - Fantagraphics' anthology of amazing talent continues with offerings from David B, Paul Hornschemeier, Gabrielle Bell, David Heatley, Sophie Crumb, R. Kikuo Johnson, and a slew of other exciting cartoonists.

Octopus Girl (Volume 2) - The fantastic, gory, silly manga known as Octopus Girl continues its run. This series really deserves a lot more attention than it's been getting...

Naoki Urasawa's Monster (Volume 3) - While it's been in bookstores for a few weeks now, the new Monster is shipping to comic stores on Wednesday. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Essential Savage She-Hulk (Volume 1) - And finally, She-Hulk's origin and early adventures are collected in an "Essential" volume. This was one of the few books that I thought Marvel was really missing. I would have preferred a collection of Sensational She-Hulk though...maybe sometime soon...

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