Sunday, June 18, 2006

In Passing...Civil War to Superf*ckers

I had the flu this weekend on top of working full days, so I unfortunately had little time to read comics until this evening. But, it's all behind me now and I'm caught up on the floppies, and am able to eat solid food again. It's funny how Saltines taste so good when it's the only thing you can keep down...

Superf*ckers #277 - The third issue of James Kochalka's wild superhero romp is great, full of blood, cursing, drugs, mutant cancers and a load of rip-roaring offensive material. Beyond all of this is a refreshing take on superheroes and warnings on the dangers of holding onto the past (which isn't exactly suggested in a subtle way, but is an appropriate place for commentary on superhero comics in general and their fellowship). This is an extremely funny book. Although I didn't think it was as good as its predecessors, it's still one of the best comics coming out. And there's a cute picture on the inside cover of James with his son Eli making faces. What a cute little kid. And hey, best cover ever. A-

Civil War #2 (of 7) - Yeah, you've heard by now that Spidey's out. Biggest mistake ever with his rogue's gallery. Other than that, a pretty lacklustre issue. That's all I have to say about it. C-

Ms. Marvel #4 - Doctor Strange sure is getting around lately. Here, he guest-stars to assist Mr. Marvel with a villain from her past...maybe? Who knows. It's all tied up with House of M and it's not like Carol Danvers has ever demanded a faithful following. But still, this is a pretty good issue in a fun, flashy superhero book. And Doctor Strange is cool. B

American Virgin #4 - What began as a pretty promising series has slowly but steadily declined in quality with each issue. By this point, it's gotten pretty silly. I don't care about the characters and their banter feels very forced and cringe-worthy and just not funny. There are some interesting ideas in there - I just don't know if the writer can pull them off. I am, however, digging Becky Cloonan's art. I may stick around for the next issue yet. D+

Fables #50 - The big anniversary issue delivers. The wonderful James Jean cover indicates a wedding special, which is part of the events contained within, but there's plenty of action and major events that take place first, involving Bigby's return and a major strike against the Homelands. This is a thick issue, with plenty packed into it, including the wedding in question, the reunion in question, and some new mythology thrown into the mix. Still as fun as the series ever was (and maybe even a little better). A

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