Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Civil War: Front Line #1

And from the pages of Marvel's big summer crossover event Civil War comes...more Civil War. Civil War: Front Line is the rest of the crap that didn't make it into the main mini-series. It's the leftovers. Think Generation M. Think The Pulse picking up plot threads from Secret War and House of M. If you really can't get enough of Marvel crossovers, you really can't ask for more. So, with this new ten issue (!) series, we get well, Ben Urich playing the investigator on the events of Civil War ala The Pulse (for the right wing), while alcoholic Journalist Sally from the recent Generation M mini-series reports for the left wing on the consequences of the Superhuman Registration Act. And there are guest appearances by the likes of Spider-Man and Iron Man, with superheroes revealing their identities and costumes giving up their reasons for staying anonymous. There are back-up stories for the rest of the crap that isn't covered in the main story, like of the only surviving New Warrior from the event that kicked off the whole war, and a poem about America's Japanese concentration camps with Spider-Man darting in and out of the panels to make it ridiculous. But hey, if it's your thing...

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