Monday, June 26, 2006

In Stores 6/28

Here are the highlights of the week...full list at Diamond.

Polly & the Pirates #6 (of 6) - The final issue of Ted Naifeh's wonderful tale of a prim and proper young lady pulled into a life of piracy comes out on Wednesday! The collection can't be too far behind, but for those of you who've been following the series in floppies like I have, a treat to the series' conclusion!

Eternals by Jack Kirby HC - Collecting the entire run of Jack Kirby's Eternals, this hefty book goes for $75, and brings another classic by Jack Kirby back into print.

Oz: The Manga (Volume 1) - The wonderful world of Oz gets the manga treatment, and when you think about it, Oz is damn weird and...manga may be a perfect fit.

Dragon Head (Volume 3) - The next installment of the awesome survivalist tale makes its way to comic stores! If you like Death Note, this is on the same level of suspense and quality.

Lady Snowblood (Volume 4): Retribution Part 2 TP - The Kill Bill-inspiring manga by Kazuo Koike and Kazuo Kamimura continues with the second part of the "Retribution" arc.

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