Thursday, June 29, 2006

Previews: September 2006

Cartoon Books:
Bone One Volume Edition SC - The complete Bone gets a new printing, for those of you who missed it the first time around. Only $40 for the whole saga! Buy it if you haven't already.

DC Comics:
I took a look at DC solicitations separately.

Fantagraphics Books:
Popeye (Volume 1): I Yam What I Yam HC - The next comic strip series to be collected by Fantagraphics is E.C. Segar's classic Popeye. It's been collected before, but not since the new trend of comic strip collections. Patrick only got his hands on one volume of the past editions, and loved it, so we're excited about this. Volume one will collect material from 1928 through 1930.

Mome (Volume 5) GN - The last one just came out, but this anthology is always a treat.

Shadowland GN - And here's a new graphic novel from Kim Deitch! It sounds weird but really cool.

Tales Designed To Thrizzle #3 - The hilarious comic from the mind of Michael Kupperman has left a huge impression on Patrick. I don't get much out of it, but whether you love it or not, you should at least give the comic a shot.

:01 First Second Books:
Another wave of :01 First Second Books is exciting news. I loved Fate of the Artist and A.L.I.E.E.E.N. from the first set of offerings, and am still looking forward to purchasing Vampire Loves. The new books coming out include two new ones by Joann Sfar (Klezmer and Sardine In Outer Space 2 (with Emmanuel Guibert), as well as Missouri Boy by Leland Myrick, American Born Chinese by Gene Young, Journey Into Mohawk Country by George O'Connor and Kampung Boy by Lat.

Houshton Mifflin Company:
The Best American Comics 2006 - "The Best American" series is coming out with a comic edition this year, edited by Harvey Pekar, featuring stories by some of the most exciting talent, like Jessica Abel, Lynda Barry and Joe Sacco.

Marvel Comics:
I have highlighted Marvel books separately.

Pantheon Books:
Chicken With Plums HC - A new graphic novel from Marjane Satrapi, the mind behind Persepolis!

Taschen America L.L.C.:
Little Nemo Complete Works HC - This is a new printing of Winsor McCay's Little Nemo In Slumberland strips, not quite of the same size as So Many Splendid Sundays, but available at an affordable $30.

Vertical Inc:
Tezuka's Ode To Kirihito SC - The complete 828 page work by Osama Tezuka is available for $25! That's amazing and a defininte must-have.

In the Studio: Visits With Contemporary Cartoonists TP - Todd Hignite brings us a collection of extensive interviews with the likes of Charles Burns, Robert Crumb, Ivan Brunetti, Jaime Hernandez, Gary Panter, Seth, Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware!

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