Monday, January 02, 2006

In Passing...New Avengers to the Boy Wonder

It took awhile, but I'm finally caught up on my comic reading for next week's barrage. Despite the absence of the second volume of Lady Snowblood from my local store's shelves, I got everything I wanted.

New Avengers #14 - Frank Cho's first issue, complete with a wink to his Liberty Meadows comic, the name plastered blatantly across the front of a big-breasted woman's tight t-shirt. I kind of liked the art. There were a few pages that were really just pretty. With this issue, we finally discover what's been going on with Jessica Drew. The big secret is revealed. 8.4/10

X-Factor #2 - The debut issue of this series was nearly perfect. So, it's no wonder that the second issue had to disappoint at least a little. The art in this issue seemed a little rushed, a little less clear than in the previous issue, and the whole issue felt a little clumsier, a little less organized and controlled. But, on the bright side, it was still great. We get to see Monet finally, in all of her cocky glory, and we are introduced to some interesting dispalys by the big bad. 8/10

Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her #4 (of 6) - To be honest, I've had problems with Richard K. Morgan's Black Widow stories. They just haven't been up-to-par with past creators' visions of the femme fatale. That being said, this issue was better than it has been. I love Bill Sienkiewicz' art and if he can do anything, it's make a woman look beautifully deadly insane (i.e. Elektra: Assassin). The story is finally allowing Natasha to cut loose and do what she does best. 7/10

Ultimate Spider-man #88 - With his school in chaos, Peter Parker ponders his secret identity once more, but at least this time he can talk to somebody about it - he's got an X-Men as a girlfriend, after all. Meanwhile, Silver Sable comes up with a new plan to capture Spider-man. 8.4/10

All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #3 - Black Canary is awesome again. Gail Simone's watered-down version of the character is plain bland in Birds of Prey, making her hard to distinguish from the rest of the cast. Frank Miller and Jim Lee's vision of the character is uncompromising and just plain awesome! Frank Miller's just great at making a character a real force. Elektra, Black Canary,'s the type of thing that really separates a great writer from the writers who merely want to be great. 8.5/10

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Jhunt said...

I think the main problems with X-Factor #2 were the inclusion of Layla Miller and the unwelcome presence of a fill-in artist just two issues into Ryan Sook's run.

2 strikes against a really good book.