Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Previews: April 2006

Highlights of the recent Previews catalogue from Diamond (lacklustre as the issue was)...

Archaia Studios Press:
Mouse Guard #2 - This book looks so beautiful, I just can't help but mention it all the time...

Dark Horse:
Scary Book (volume 2) - More horror manga goodness as Kazuo Umezu's anthology series continues...

Fables #48 - Bigby Wolf has been missing from the pages of this series for awhile, so it'll be fun to see what the grump has been up to.

Seven Soldiers #1 - Finally! The conclusion of the Grant Morrison saga!

Fantagraphics Books:
The Complete Peanuts (volume 5): 1959-1960 - I'm behind on these, but I loved what I've read so far. And Patty's on the cover!

Nymph GN - This sounds cool and has a great cover. I will be checking this Frank Thorne book out.

:01 First Second:
A.L.I.E.E.E.N. SC - I'm a sucker for cutesy comics. Weird cutsey comics fall into that.

IDW Publishing:
Adventures In Oz tpg - Collecting five Eric Shanower Oz books, IDW hits a new high.

Angel Spotlight: Illyria - Okay, I'm a Buffy/Angel fan nd God, I loved Illyria. I have to check this out.

Marvel Milestones: Beast & Kitty Pryde - I've just gotta highlight a Kitty Pryde special, even if the story being collected ("Kitty's Fairy Tale") is sub-par.

Moon Knight #1 - Uh...was anybody waiting for this to happen? Well, if they were, they must be disappointed it's drawn by David Finch.

Ms. Marvel #2 - I'm going to at least check out this book. What a great Frank Cho cover!

New Avengers Annual #1 - I wasn't so keen on Olivier Coipel's art in House of M, so I'm a little sad that this is drawn by him, but hey - it's a wedding issue! Real weddings are never this fun.

New Mutants Classic (volume 1) - I loved Excalibur Classic, and it's really a nice format to present these books in, so I'm happy about Marvel collecting New Mutants in this manner.

Ultimate Spider-man #93 - Bendis and Bagley have been on a roll with the Ultimate Spider-man lately, so of course I'm looking forward to the Deadpool storyline.

Wolverine: Origins #1 - And does this really constitute an ongoing series? Sigh.

Narwain Publishing:
Free Fall tp - Since I can't find a single issue of any Narwain books, I'll just have to resort to buying the trades...

A little boring this month admittedly, but there's a lot of good stuff that's already coming out regularly that'll make up for the lack of excitement.

And the results of the Comic Bloggers' Poll for 2005 were announced!
My favorite comic of last year, Ultra: Seven Days was #7 on the list of mini-series or one-shots (and the Luna Brothers were #8 of the writers), and my top original graphic novel, Top Ten: The Forty-Niners was #1 in that category (with Gene Ha as #5 artist)! Frank Quitely and Grant Morrison were #1 in the artist and writer categories, and the #1 on-going title? Fell. Weird choice, but I do like that series. Black Hole was #1 for collected material.

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