Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sable & Fortune

Ah, another obscure favorite character of mine makes her leap to her own mini-series in the wake of a seeming Silver Sable renaissance, as she's featured in Ultimate Spider-man as well as the video game, and has a collection of her best battles with Spidey coming out very shortly. I remember seeing Silver Sable in some old Marvel trading cards, probably Marvel Masterpiece's first series, and she was instantly sealed in my heart as a favorite, with her knowing grin and silver outfit that matched her silver pistol. I have a few issue of her short-lived Silver Sable and the Wild Pack series from the early nineties, but since then, it seemed like she'd disappeared from the Marvel Universe. I sometimes joked with Patrick that I would love to bring back the character as a Marvel Knight, but it seems that that honor was given to more capable hands, by Brian Michael Bendis in an ultimatized version of the character. Brendan Cahill and John Burns take her reappearance to another level, as she's thrust into the limelight in Sable & Fortune, where she unwillingly joins forces with Dominic Fortune, a devil-may-care P.I. I'd never heard of until I read about the character at Fanboy Planet and later, in the back of the first issue of the series. I guess he's a Michael Chaykin creation that predates his Blackhawk. The mini-series is six-issues long and I believe it's painted, even though the credits only list John Burns as a penciler and no one is credited for the colors. Either way, it's beautiful work. The style, as was pointed out in the above-mentioned article, is very sixties spy movie inspired, complete with some major eighties hair going on for Sable. But overall, the first issue is a very fun foray into adventure and espionage and I can't wait to see what's in store for us.

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