Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Exterminators

The new Vertigo/DC mini-series The Exterminators made its debut in comic stores this past week. Written by Simon Oliver and illustrated by Tony Moore, this gritty tale of, well, exterminators, is an ugly book. But not in a bad way. It's illustrated well by Tony Moore of The Walking Dead fame. I just mean its full of rather vile images. Lots of disgusting bugs obviously fill the pages, making me squirm in particular (God, I hate bugs), along with plenty of blood and gore and squished bug guts. The characters of the book are just as reprehensible as the job they perform, swearing and treating women like sex objects. The protagonist has recently come out of prison and illustrates some violent tendencies he has while other characters eat bugs and other such disgusting things. The book's pretty much about this group of eccentric characters of Bug-Bee-Gone who are going to have a real struggle on their hands as some evolving cockroaches in a poor area of Hollywood are about to threaten man's very existence, much in the way of the Black Plague. This is an enjoyable first issue if you can overlook its excessive swearing, gross-outs, and disturbing behavior, but it may be pumped full of a little too much testosterone for most people's tastes.

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