Thursday, January 26, 2006

In Passing...The Pulse to Polly

I am going to review Next Wave #1 very shortly, but until then, here's the mini-reviews:

New Avengers #15 - The new team goes public with their roster in this issue told from the perspective of Ms. Marvel as she goes to witness the event. Tensions are high before the big moment, as teammates are unsure of the decision and how their place amongst the members may reflect their image negatively in the public eye. 7.1/10

The Pulse #13 - Following the events of New Avengers #15, Jessica Jones is in labor and doing the usual screaming and cussing as Luke Cage does the typical daddy-to-be-unsure-if-he's-helping thing. I was hoping for some moments that we haven't seen elsewhere here. Oh, and Ben Urich confronts D-Man in the New York sewers. 6/10

Season of the Witch #3 (of 4) - Jessica continues to wreak havoc among the king's men in an effort to free the peasants of Asamando from his tyrannical reign, and going about it the wrong way as usual, becoming a tyrant herself. Nicola Scott's art has really grown on me as the series has progressed. He draws Jessica's love interest, Fox, perfectly lovely and sexy, and just seems more comfortable with fight scenes and the main character herself in this issue. One of the things I look forward to most about this book is the art gallery at the back, where other artists take a stab at illustrating Jessica and the cast of characters. Mike Worley does a great, fun Simpsons-esque page on the back cover. 8.2/10

Polly and the Pirates #3 (of 6) - Polly is made an offer by our villain of the story and must make a choice and face some hard truths about herself...and her mother. Ted Naifeh continues to dazzle with his art and storytelling mastery. 8.9/10

Ultimate Spider-man #89 - Spider-man has finally been captured by Silver Sable and her Wild Pack, and now faces his kidnappers and the man that hired them. There are some really great flashback sequences in this issue (with great Bagley illustrations), of Silver Sable, her employer and Peter Parker himself that all work really great to soften the villains of the book, provide motivations, and contrast the characters. Easily the best Bendis book of the week. 9/10

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