Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The first issue of Archaia Studios Press' new four-issue mini-series Robotika hit the shelves a few weeks ago and I have just been able to track it down via a trip home to Minneapolis (at Big Brain). I have been fond of this publisher for years, ever since I dicovered Mark Smylie's beautiful masterpiece Artesia. But Archaia Studios is expanding to publish titles such as my much-anticipated Mouse Guard: Belly of the Beast and the just-released OGN The Lone and Level Sands (which I have yet to see in the flesh). But at least I got my Archaia fix with this single issue. I have to say, the production qualities of the floppies are wonderful. It's really a thick comic with great glossy colorful pages and back-up pages explaining the universe. And the issue, written and drawn by Alex Sheikman (art by Joel Chua) is incredible, starting with the gorgeous Sook cover. The story, admittedly, is an odd sort of tale about a future world where there have been many manifestations of cyborgs and robots, but where true artificial intelligence has yet eluded the great minds of the time. At least until now. A great scientist has just perfected such a creature, and for his trouble was murdered, his prized find stolen almost immediately after the discovery was made. A warrior, Niko, has been summoned by his queen to retrieve the creation before a meeting of other nations which is to take place in four days' time. The issue is filled to brimming with beautiful, strange images and colors, including some fascinating character and clothing designs. This is truly a unique vision in comics and I can't wait to see where the world of Robotika takes us next.

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Alex Sheikman said...

Hi Dave,
This is Alex Sheikman ("Robotika"). Just read your entry and I am pleased that even though the first issue is not everything that it could have been you decided to stick around. I can only promise you that the story and the art gets better (in my opinion) as the series continues. I am finishing up pencils for issue #4 and I think it is the best work I have done so far.

I read a few of your recent entries and I wanted to comment on X-Factor. #1 was probably the best book I read in 2005 and that is saying a lot because of all the great books coming out. #2 was also great, but because there were 2 artists involved it seemed a bit more uneven. I can't wait to see #3 (all Ryan Sook's pencils plus cover)!

If you are even interested you can visit my Robotika blog at there is some unpublished art and also an explanation for the vertical text (that everyone seems to have a stong opinion about).

Best, Alex-