Thursday, January 12, 2006

Catwoman: When In Rome

Catwoman: When In Rome is the latest mini-series featuring our favorite cat burglar. And it really does showcase why Selina Kyle is such a cool character. She's witty (her Italian starts with Armani and ends with Gucci), she's a lonely screwed-up superhero/villain, and she's deliberate about some rather tongue-in-cheek choices she makes (mainly, her dominatrix outfit). But beyond that, this book doesn't showcase Gotham's finest. I can't be the only one reading Batman comics who's sick of seeing ten villains from Batman's rogue's gallery shoved into one book just to...well, shove them into one book. Hush was enough. More than enough. Unfortunately, Jeph Loeb had some idea that that's what the fans wanted with this book instead of a good well-rounded story. Fortunately for our heroine in question, the artist Tim Sale saves the series with his beautiful rendition of Rome. I rather like his background drawings of hotel rooms and oriental rugs more than his characters, but he draws a mean Selina Kyle. The covers of the comics (or "chapters" in the collected edition) feature some of the most beautiful pictures I've seen in comics this past year. Another cool thing about this book is The Riddler. He's Selina's side kick throughout the book and really makes a very good one. I never would have thought to put him into this sort of role, but it works splendidly and I'd actually like to see him in that role again some time. Batman, of course, makes an appearance in the book as well, which was rather annoying because Catwoman's a character who can stand on her own two feet and throwing the Dark Knight frivolously into the book for no good reason other than to put him in (the reason for his appearance given is just extremely lame) is frankly, an insult to the main character.

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