Friday, January 27, 2006


Warren Ellis is awesome. Throwing together a team of D-List superheroes including Elsa Bloodstone, Machine Man, The Captain (haven't ever heard of him), Monica Rambeau (a previous incarnation of Captain Marvel) and Meltdown (or Boomer or Boom Boom) of X-Force, Ellis has created a force to be reckoned with. From the awesome Stuart Immonen cover (citing the phrase "healing America by beating people up") to the theme song on the back cover (taking a cue from James Kochalka's Superf*ckers), this comic is awesome. It was smart to use a bunch of characters not on Marvel's radar of "we have to keep them iconic because, oh my God, the movie!" so Ellis could really have the creative freedom to do these characters justice (and reinvent them really). Before even reading the comic, I could tell who my favorite character would be - Elsa Bloodstone. I read the Bloodstone mini-series a few years back and...well, I never finished it because it sucked, but I knew - I KNEW - that in capable hands this character would be awesome. And here she is in all of her awesome glory. The story follows this group of characters as they attempt to thwart Beyond Corporation's plans (who has funded HATE, the group our five heroes were a part of before realizing they were being funded by a terrorist organization). But anyways, the plot is beyond the point - this is easily the funniest comic I've read in years. Buy it!

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