Saturday, December 17, 2005


The debut issue of another X-Factor series launched this past week, from the minds of Peter David and Ryan Sook. If you recall, a few years ago Peter David wrote a Marvel Knights mini-series called Madrox, about the Multiple Man who we see in this new series leading a band of detective/heroes through his X-Factor Detective Agency. The new X-Factor is a sequel of sorts to this story, including the likes of Strong Guy and Wolfsbane, who were seen in that initial mini, as well as bringing in some fresh blood in the forms of Siryn, Rictor and M (who did not appear in this first issue, although she was mentioned). Madrox's relationship to his clones was explored in that mini-series, including the idea of him sending clones out over the world and reabsorbing them (and the information they gained), as well as his lack of control over the personalities and actions of the clones he produces. This interesting idea is picked up in the new series, indeed almost immediately, as Madrox confronts a former teammate from his X-Factor days via one of his clones. As the issue progresses, we learn that one of the cases that X-Factor investigations is taking on is about "M Day," when 90% of the mutant population awoke without their powers (thus, the big "Decimation" logo in the corner of the front cover), as well as some smaller cases like one Siryn is in the midst of working out (with the help of a new trick Siryn realized she could do with her voice). All in all, this issue was really solid. I'm really excited to see what David and Sook have in store for the characters they lovingly reintroduced to us, as the first issue certainly captured my interest.

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