Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Used Book Store Treasures

While Milwaukee's comic book store market may royally suck, at least the area bookstores carry a good variety of alternative material and manga that are lacking where they should be found. Today, me and Patrick went to Downtown Books in downtown Milwaukee just by chance and low and behold, they have a wealth of comic material on the third floor of the used bookstore. Most of it is floppies, but there was a graphic novel section with some real finds. I picked up a few books I've been meaning to pick up for awhile with some absurdly low price tags (and in mint condition!). I got Strangehaven: Arcadia and Age of Bronze: A Thousand Ships. The first volume of the Age of Bronze series was probably going to be the next trade I picked up anyway, so it was a total bonus that I got it for $6.99 when it sold retail at $20. Strangehaven's first volume? A mere $7.99. But those weren't the only finds. Patrick picked up a trade published by Marvel back in 1989 collecting old monster comics called Monster Masterworks. For a mere $7, he got a trade full of pre-Fantastic Four Jack Kirby monster comics with some Steve Ditko ones thrown in for good measure. It's really a cool collection with eerie watermarks over the credit pages of gnarled trees and swamplands. Included in the book are stories like "Groot, the Monster from Planet X!" "The Threat of Tim Boo Ba!" "Taboo, the Thing from the Murky Swamp!" "Zzutak!" "Grottu, King of the Insects!" and "Fin Fang Foom!" all separated into three sections: alien Invaders, man-made monsters, and ancient menaces. Really, you couldn't have found a better treasure.

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