Friday, September 16, 2005


Uzumaki is a horror series by manga creator Junji Ito, whose work I'd read before in the form of Tomie, another horror series. Uzumaki means "spiral," which is exactly what this series is about. It's about spirals popping up all over the town of Kurozu-cho. It's one of those horror series that really builds momentum. At first, it has this hint of creeping dread as spirals are noticed here and there, but things quickly pick up as they appear to really curse this town and its inhabitants. It really is a scary read, with its grotesque imagery and over-the-top scares. You can tell by reading this that it's from the same creator as Tomie, the book about the zombie girl, which has the same sort of feel and theatrics. You can also check out about five pages from the book at Amazon if you want a little taste. I've only read the first volume thus far and it seems that there are at least two more out there, of which I have every intention of tracking down.

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