Saturday, September 24, 2005

In Passing...Manhunter & Runaways

Some comics I didn't get around to doing full-blown reviews of...

Manhunter #14 ended the "Manhunted" four-issue story arc. Kate Spencer juggles her life as a lawyer, a mother, and a vigilante. Doesn't leave room for much free time. In this story, someone is hunting down everyone who has donned the Manhunter name (And there have been plenty. DC just loves the name, I guess). With some help from a former villain tech aid, Kate is able to discover just what the heck is going on and what's up with her gadgets (well, some of them). Marc Andreyko has done a wonderful job on this series, with the perfect mix of drama and superhero action, and a great heroine to keep the series interesting. I'm kind of sad to see that Jesus Saiz isn't doing the next few covers, as he was the reason I even picked up the first issue to skim the pages. Ah, well. The new covers seemed to be alright (tear).

Runaways #8 concluded the two-issue story "Star-crossed." Probably the most underwhelming couple of issues of the entire series thus far. And I really missed the regular artist, Adrian Alphona. Not that Miyazawa's bad. It just gave it a different feel than I'm used to with the series. These issues gave the characters a little time to breathe after their big tussle with a supervillain, and get used to the new member of the team. I liked the appearance of Horde at the beginning of the run, but was rather sad about the ending. I really like that Runaways is constantly changing. It makes for a really interesting book, but I didn't want that to happen! Oh, well. It probably sets up some really neat stuff for later on in the series. And hey - Cloak and Dagger next issue!

In my Netflix queue:
~ Wolf-man double feature
~ Hammer Horror: Brides of Dracula/Curse of the Wolfman
~ Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Graphic novel I'm in the midst of reading:
Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth ~ Chris Ware (finally)

Last movie I saw in theaters:
The Constant Gardener

Comics I'm reading next week:
~ Black Widow 2 #1
~ Kitty Pryde: Shadow and Flame #4
~ Lady Snowblood (volume 1)
~ New Avengers #11 (that was fast)
~ Polly and the Pirates #1
~ Ultimate Spider-man #83
And of course, Previews comes out!

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