Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Previews - October '05

Previews has come out once more, so it’s time to do some highlighting of the titles I’m most excited about…

Archaia Studios Press:
~ The Lone and Level Sands HC - I’m a big fan of Archaia’s Artesia, so I’m definitely up for giving this first wave of new titles all a try.

~ Robotika #1 - Sounds like a cool sumarai series. And hey, nice Ryan Sook cover! Check out both the solicitations and interior art here.

Boom! Studios:
~ In the Blood #1 - Steven Niles does werewolves. The PX cover looks awesome - too bad it’s $7. I’ll get the less-than-spectacular (but still cool) cover for $4.

Dark Horse:
~ Serenity TPB - What a beautiful new cover by Adam Hughes! Read my review of the mini here.

DC Comics:
~ Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer #2 - A follow-up to the Seven Soldiers #0 one-shot. Awesome.

~ Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2 - The second issue isn’t available until December? Crap. At least not much happened in the first issue…and there’s a new artist (thus the delay)!

~ Fables (volume 6): Homelands - I really liked this storyline. Read my full review here and pick it up!

~ Testament #1 - This new Vertigo series sounds really interesting. Solicitation: “Testament takes place in an unapologetically uncensored Biblical universe, chronicling the grim confrontations between humans and their angry gods.” It’s about “a modern threat that has its roots in ancient stories destined to recur in the modern age.” Controversial-tastic.

~ Y - the Last Man #40 - Another stand-alone issue. I really liked the last stand-alone (as well as the current storyline).

Fantagraphics Books:
~ Ghosts of Hoppers (a Love & Rockets book) - I’m giving Jaime another chance since Patrick says this is one of his better stories.

~ Luba: The Book of Ophelia - The new Gilbert trade! It seems like forever since I read the last Gilbert book. This will be a real treat! I just don’t think I could read these stories as single issues (there’s too much to follow and too many characters), but it reads wonderfully as a collection.

IDW Publishing:
~ Dampyr (volume 8): Coast of Skeletons - A new Dampyr collection is always something to look forward to.

~ Strange Girl (volume 1): Girl Afraid - I’ve heard some good things about this series, so I want to check this trade out. I was originally going to wait for the Taste of Image anthology to give it a shot, but I’m already getting everything else in the bloody thing.

~ The Walking Dead (volume 1) Deluxe HC - I love this series. This hardcover collects the first twenty-four issues and comes with a really nice slip case.

~ Gravity: Big-City Superhero Digest - I don’t know, it looks like a fun read to me…

~ Marvel Zombies #1 - Robert Kirkman does zombies? What an idea. But this seriously sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I’ll check it out.

~ New Avengers #11 - A Spider-Woman focused story? Yay! And David Finch isn’t drawing it? Yay! Frank Cho is? Oh. But seriously, I really enjoy this series. Bendis is a crafty one.

~ Spider-man/Black Cat: Evil That Men Do #4 & #5 - Well, what do you know, two (or three?) years later, Kevin Smith finishes his story. Well, I’m not buying it. If the writer didn’t care enough to keep enthusiasm in his story, then I’ll pass and read something an artist pours himself into. Like a Kitty Pryde mini-series.

~ Spider-Woman: Origin #1 - Brian Bendis and the one of the Luna Brothers? Sign me up!!

Oni Press:
~ Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness (volume 3) - Ah, yes. More Bryan Lee O’Malley goodness. It’s on to Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriend number three!

~ Wild Rock (volume 1) - God, what a hot cover! This Blu boys’ manga may be something I need to check out…

That's it this time around. And I wanted to let you guys know that Patrick will discontinue writing Think About Comics, as his work load is just too much and he needs time to actually read comics. He'll still post from time to time, when he gets the chance, but it will be sparatic at best.

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