Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dampyr: Night Tribe

Volume two of the Dampyr trades released by IDW continues the popular European comic, as the half-human/half-vampire dampyr Draka seeks out the vampire master he faced in the last collection, The Devil's Son. This story Night Tribe gives us a little more history behind the characters of Draka and the vampire Tessa, who is aiding them in their pursuit of the powerful, ancient Gorka. We follow these characters' journey through a war-torn nation as civilians are taken advantage of by creatures of the night, and Tessa tries to deny what she is and what she needs to survive. With beautiful art by Majo, the dark, bloody streets of the city this story takes place in come to life amid the terrorists and monsters that use it as a battleground for their own purposes, despite the people that try desperately to survive there. Find out more behind the relationship of Draka's parents and get ready for some blood-soaked, limb-exploding pages.

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