Sunday, September 11, 2005

In passing...

I really like reviewing a full story arc or debut issue of a series, but I thought I would try out a new weekly feature mentioning other titles that are either in the midst of a story, or that I have nothing to really add that hasn't already been said about it via the blogosphere. I will provide a brief reaction, starting with this past week's comics, and I will also relay any miscellaneous thing of importance in my life here. So, without further adieu...In passing...

Ultimate Spider-man #82 - Bendis and Bagley's "Warriors" storyline is shaping up to be really great. Thus far, it's introduced C-List superheros like Iron Fist and Moon Knight to the Utlimate Universe. It's also brought back favorites like Black Cat and Elektra, both of whom have made this story stand out for me. This issue pretty much focuses on the triumphant return of the Black Cat, bequeathing a lot of anxiety onto Peter Parker's shoulders, as he is conflicted between the pain that he's caused Mary Jane in his quest to protect her, and the excitement he feels when fighting alongside the alluring cat.

Seven Soldiers: The Guardian #4 - This concludes the Manhatten Guardian's story in the Seven Soldiers maxi-series (until Seven Soldiers #1), cracking open a large part of the mystery behind what exactly is going on, and tying it to the other series masterfully. This has thus far been my favorite of the Seven Soldiers books, Zatanna being a close second. Grant Morrison can weave one hell of a story.

Y-the Last Man #37 - Following my review of the last stand-alone issue of the Vertigo series, I'm happy to see the story of Yorick unfold with more promise that it has in recent issues. The "Paper Dolls" story that this issue begins follows Yorick as he finally reaches Australia and desperately searches for clues into what has become of his girlfriend in the short time period he has been given to do so. As the cover of the issue and solicitations of the story indicate, Yorick has his picture taken, something that could obviously have some dire consequences, being the last man on Earth. that last page.

The Stardust Kid #2 - I gave this series another issue to shed itself of the stereotypes established in the first comic. Luckily, this issue has ventured into some creative juices, as our villain is given a face and a threat is introduced to actually make the story interesting. It's still nothing spectacular however, and is a far cry from Crossgen's Abadazad series that earned such fan devotion.

Okay, that's it for this week. Patrick's "THINK ABOUT COMICS" column will resume again this next weekend, after his first week of graduate school is behind him.

The next trade I plan to read: "Top Ten: Forty-Niners"
Last CD I bought: "Plans" ~ Deathcab for Cutie
Last movie I saw in theaters: "Broken Flowers"

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