Thursday, September 22, 2005

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle

The debut issue of Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 (of 4) his stores on Wednesday. First impressions? I didn't like this issue as much as any other issue from the Seven Soldiers saga thus far. I felt really disoriented throughout the issue (which, admittedly may be the whole point since Mister Miracle himself has no idea what's going on), but I was also kind of bored. Pasqual Ferry's art wasn't as strong as the art on the other titles either. There was a panel where a character eats something and blood drips down his chin. I thought he'd taken a bite out of a lighter and bled from it, someone else thought it was a blood-filled chocolate bar. Either way, I had to stop and pause on that panel to try and figure out what it was, whether I was right or not. I have a feeling that people who have read Jack Kirby's New Gods books will get more out of this than I did, as I'm sure there are plenty of winks in there for the fans. But not much happened in this issue. Mister Miracle basically has a few strange encounters. With strange beings. I have faith in Grant Morrison, however. He hasn't failed me yet, so I'm still looking forward to the rest of this mini-series.

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