Sunday, October 29, 2006

Seven Soldiers #1

Grant Morrison & J.H. Williams III

Everything the Seven Soldiers mini-series have been respectively leading toward merge and come to a head in this oversized comic book, where the seven soldiers who will never meet all play a role in stopping the harrowing of Earth at the hands of the corrupt Sheeda. Unfortunately, I don't think this comic turned out the way Morrison wanted it to. So much is going on, the action never lets up for a moment, and the characters that we've spent so much time with don't get all of the attention they deserve in the conclusions to their tales. Two of my favorites in particular, Frankenstein and the Bulleteer, make pretty brief appearances. No, I think for this to have worked out as Morrison had envisioned, a concluding mini-series would have been the best course of action. That's my first impression, at least. Also, one of the soldiers, the Manhatten Guardian, didn't seem to contribute in the destruction of the Sheeda Queen whatsoever. A few characters were a part of her destruction by chance, but the Guardian was featured pretty prominently with little importance.

Despite its faults, I think that this was a pretty satisfying conclusion to the Seven Soldiers maxi-series. And we certainly couldn't have asked for a better artist to illustrate the tale. A great follow-up tale would see the Bride of Frankenstein rescuing Frankenstein from his fate and even the Shining Knight as she assembles a modern-day Round Table. I would like to see more from The Guardian, The Bulleteer and Zatanna in general in wake of this event. As for my least favorite of the soldiers...too bad that epilogue was so hopeful.

This was an extremely ambitious project from Grant Morrison and I think it turned out to be quite the success. I'd like to see future events told in the same sort of format. It was fun. And this final issue was well worth the delay. A-

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Anonymous said...

I'd generally agree, I was definitely wishing for some Seven Soldiers #2 action at the end of the issue. However, I do feel that pretty much all the characters got satisfactory closure and the issue had so much great stuff in it, I was overwhelmed by the goodness and can forgive the slip ups along the way.