Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In Stores 10/18

What a week!

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter in Guilty Pleasures #1 (of 12) - The first comic adaptation from Anita Blake's best-selling horror series come out from Marvel, via their new deal with Dabel Brothers Productions. I think the art looks nice. I may have to pick it up despite having read the novel already...

Amazing Spider-Girl #1 - The fan-favorite character returns in a new monthly on-going title after a short hiatus. Hopefully the new number one will encourage new readers.

Hellstorm: Son of Satan #1 (of 5) - A new MAX title featuring Damian Hellstorm, from Alexander Irvine and Russell Braun

Essential Marvel Horror (Volume 1) TP - Coinciding with the release of the new Hellstorm series is an Essential volume collecting some of the Son of Satan's previous adventures.

The Damned #1 - Culleen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's new gangester/monster series makes it debut in stores in wake of SPX. You may want to give it a try. I did.

The Authority #1 - New Grant Morrison.

Wildcats #1 - More new Grant Morrison. This one with art by Jim Lee as the pair try to revive the book.

Fables: 1,001 Nights of Snowfall - Snow White back before the present continuity in Fables proper, as she takes a cue from 1,001 Arabian Nights in this hardcover of short stories.

Sandman: Special Edition - For 50 cents, you can experience the very first Sandman comic from Neil Gaiman's ground-shattering Vertigo title.

Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery GN - A new graphic novel featuring a girl in a Victorian setting who happens to be a detective. Should be a lot of fun.

And last but not least, The Drifting Classroom (Volume 2) and Naoki Urasawa's Monster (Volume 5) both hit the direct market after being in bookstores for a week.

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