Sunday, October 01, 2006


Jim Massey & Robbi Rodriguez

The new monthly title from Oni Press, Maintenance, debuts this December, following Doug and Manny, two janitors with an interesting job description at TerroMax, Inc. This is a science fiction comedy, and a damn good one, that sees these two goofballs cleaning up after mad scientists' messes. Sure, they clean up spills and whatnot, but it's the zombie kittens stuck in the snack machines and the slime monsters that didn't quite turn out right that make this such a fun, thrilling read. And it's kind of interesting to have these loveable characters working a job like this at all, basically as the villains' lackeys. It'll be intriguing to see just how they got themselves into such a situation.

Maintenance is a very fresh title that earns plenty of laughs from its readers and introduces us to some great supporting characters like the Man-Shark and various madmen. Robbi Rodriguez is quite a find here, offering some brilliant cartooning for a really solid, smooth look. I'd imagine this series is along the lines of Men In Black, but to be honest, I never saw the films or read the comics they're based on. But I can speak to this comic, and from what I saw, this is definitely worth the $3.50 to check out, with plenty of great stuff sure to come. This really was a pleasant surprise. A

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