Tuesday, October 24, 2006

In Passing...Wildcats to Runaways

I've finally gotten a chance to get in some reading for this past week, now that next week's comics are nearly upon us...

Runaways #21
Brian K. Vaughan & Mike Norton

This was a really great conclusion to the "Dead Means Dead" storyarc. I wasn't too impressed up until this issue. But Chase gets another little nudge toward darkness in wake of Gertrude's unexpected death, while the other runaways come up with a strategy to cut the humongous rampaging monster down to size. And the guest artist kinda grew on me now that it's back to Alphona with the next iss. A

X-Factor #12
Peter David, Renato Arlem & Roy Allen Martinez

Another great finale to a storyarc sees X-Factor's invasion of Singularity come to a head, giving the team a glimpse of things to come as they confront the villains. Some cool character moments revitalize the series after it's chugged along on fumes for a little while. A-

Ms. Marvel #8
Brian Reed & Roberto De La Torre

This really is a good superhero book, as Carol confronts Jennifer Carpenter, the black-costumed Spider-Woman (or Arachne, your choice), and the decisions she's made in her stance during this Civil War. Arana is the voice of reason in this book that causes Carol to second guess herself, and will hopefully lead to some interesting developments in future issues. A-

Wildcats #1
Grant Morrison & Jim Lee

I'm not a fan of Jim Lee, but as a Grant Morrison fan, I'm a bit disappointed with his offerings this week. I've never read Wildcats, and after this issue, I have no desire to linger in this world for another issue. It's pretty over-the-top and I've seen enough of that lately. D+

The Authority #1
Grant Morrison & Gene Ha

This issue wasn't as bad as Wildcats, but it wasn't exactly impressive. I love Gene Ha, particularly since last year's Top Ten: The 49ers, and his art remains beautiful in this book; one reason to keep reading this title at least. I'm not sure I like the blurry, "shaky" panels that are surely meant to present the story more realistically, given this seems to be some sort of first contact with superhumans or something. I'm not sure though - this is another book I've never read before. I just hope this one holds my interest. C+

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