Saturday, October 28, 2006

In Passing...Snakewoman to Zombie

Snakewoman #4
Zeb Wells & Michael Gaydos

The latest issue of Snakewoman finally explains just what all of the vague concepts like "the sixty-eight" mean. Through a series of flashbacks that look like they fell out of an issue of Fell, Gaydos illustrates the history behind all of the new players in town and how they came to be. It's all pretty interesting and could lead to some good stuff. B+

Jack of Fables #4
Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges

This book is really shaping up to be something. In this issue, Jack puts his escape plan into action and we are treated to a real edge-of-your-seat thrill ride as the caged fables make a break for freedom. One of the best offerings of the week. A

Zombie #2 (of 4)
Mike Raicht & Kyle Hotz

Raicht continues to keep readers off-balance with the twists and turns he offers in his zombie tale. The explanations and scares are all pretty by-the-numbers, but the way he's been handling the characters involved in the tragedy has at least remained interesting. C+

Ultimate Spider-Man #101
Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley

Very annoying that Marvel decided a preview of Ultimate Power had to be placed in the middle of some pretty exciting panels... But Bendis and Bagley are going nuts with this storyarc, pulling no stops and throwing characters from the Ultimate Universe over into the story for some interesting confrontations. It'll be sad to see Bagely leave the book soon... A-

Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E #9
Warren Ellis & Stuart Immonen

The bright side to Bagley leaving Ultimate Spider-Man is that Stuart Immonen from Nextwave takes over pencil chores, which will be a real treat. And even though Nextwave proper is ending, a series of mini-series featuring the characters is better than nothing. Ellis demonstrates why this series is so awesome while it unfortunately draws ever nearer to its conclusion, as supervillain teams consisting of some of the oddest characters you've ever seen are assembled to take apart Nextwave. Man, is this going to be good. A

New Avengers #24
Brian Michael Bendis & Pasqual Ferry

The Sentry has a scuffle with the Inhumans as he decides what position he intends to take in the Civil War. It ends a little differently than it has previously, which is nice, and it does pretty much lay out the format for the new Mighty Avengers and new New Avengers titles rather neatly in its wake. Interesting ideas are explored in this issue when it comes to Sentry's past and his relationship with the Marvel Universe, amid Pasqual Ferry's lovely pencils. A-

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