Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In Passing...Eternals to Wonderland

It took a while to get caught up on my floppies - it's been a busy week and there have been a lot of books to go through...

Batman #657 - I really enjoyed the previous issue of this title, and am a fan generally of Grant Morrison, but I otherwise am not feeling this series. I found this issue dull. The art was okay. The annoying kid in the book reminds me quite a bit of Conner, Angel's son from Angel: bratty, trying to kill off all of the good guys, but really ultimately seeking his father's approval. It's fine that it's a straight-forward superhero comic, but something original needs to be done, like was seen in #656 with the pop art backdrop. D+

X-Men #191 - Four issues into Mike Carey's run and he already has to suffer a guest penciller. Clay Henry's art gets the job done, but Bachalo's art is by far superior, and more stylish. The story's getting a little better as the villains' background is revealed, but it's still the weakest X-title I'm currently reading. C-

Jack of Fables #3 - I wasn't sure I'd like this book, especially since I hated the storyline featuring Jack in the regular Fables title, and I find the character rather abrasive. But Jack manages to be delightfully naughty, with sharp retorts and a could-care-less attitude. And the supporting cast is a fun and ecclectic mix. B

Wonderland #2 - While this issue wasn't as delightful as the debut, it still demonstrates an abundant imagination and holds a lot of promise, particularly in this wonderful main character whose world is crafted under the beautiful art of Sonny Liew. B+

Snakewoman #3 - The Virgin Comic series which features fantastic art from Michael Gaydos remains a bright spot in genre comics. In this issue, Jessica Peterson goes on a vision quest that offers some interesting philosophy. B

Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #3 (of 4) - This title isn't very good. In fact, it's my last issue. Let's leave it at that. D

Eternals #4 (of 6) - Now this has a been a pleasant surprise of a series. I haven't read anything I've liked by Neil Gaiman for awhile, but this mini continues to impress. A smart backstory illuminates just why The Eternals have ended up in their current state. A

Ultimate Spider-Man #100 - Bendis and Bagley aren't afraid to mess around with Spidey continuity in their Ultimate version of the character. This anniversary issue was very nicely done, shaking things up and tying some major villains into Spider-Man's back story. A pleasant, if long-winded, explanation is offered in this issue for a certain character's presence while all around, Parker clones are wreaking havoc. A

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