Monday, October 30, 2006

Manga Monday 15

For Halloween, I've decided to take on two of the goriest manga titles out there...Octopus Girl and Hino Horror!

Octopus Girl (Volume 3)
Toru Yamazaki

Octopus Girl remains one of the best dark humor titles in manga. In this, its third volume, it shows little sign of slowing down. Like the previous volume of the series, this book includes some short stories from Yamazaki that aren't part of the Octopus Girl series (nearly a third of the book this time), but are in the same vain of storytelling: blood, gore, screaming, sarcasm (although Super Ladies delves more into the spy genre and is still just plain great). Aside from that hideous cover which has nothing to do with any of the content within, this is another great addition to any manga collection. A real treasure included among the short stories: The Slit-Mouthed Neighbor. Check it out! A-

The Bug Boy: Hino Horror #2
Hideshi Hino

There is a reason Hideshi Hino is dubbed the Master of Japanese Horror Manga. I've been consistently impressed with his material since The Red Snake. He has a way with pacing and suspense that make his stories truly frightening. In this story, we follow young Sanpei, who is teased and mistreated by the world at large, as he makes a hideous transformation into a giant bug. Its very much like The Fly, with body parts falling off and the like: disgusting but great. Hino paints a truly sympathetic character in Sanpei and does some interesting things with him once his transformation is complete, really developing the character and warping him by subtle degrees. As per usual, Hino's art is fantastic. A must-read for any true fan of horror. A

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