Thursday, October 12, 2006

In Passing...Fables to Devi

A light week in floppies...

Fables #54
Bill Willingham & Mark Buckingham

Part three in the Sons of Empire arc follows the history of the Emperor's new ambassador to Fabletown, that scary man on that disturbing cover: Hansel. We discover what a twisted soul that young man turned into after shoving that witch into the oven, as Prince Charming tries to figure out what to do about his sudden appearance. That has to be one of the best covers for the series ever, a good match for the great backstory that's sure to produce a really interesting character. A-

Uncanny X-Men #479
Ed Brubaker & Billy Tan

Shi'ar prisoner Korvus makes his way to the Uncanny X-Men's spaceship to deal with the threat onboard. Billy Tan provides great art among the non-stop action. I love how he draws all of the characters except Professor Xavier. He just looks strange and I can't help but be distracted when the rest of the pencils are so immaculate. B

Devi #4
Samit Basu & Mukesh Singh

Tara continues on her spiritual journey while everybody else decides upon her fate, from the assassin Kratha to the monks who wish for the Devi to take her rightful place (in a way harmful to Tara, that speaks of tradition). Nice action, nice art. This is a fine origin story for the current incarnation of Devi, but we really need some action with the Devi soon. By this point, I've pretty much forgotten from issue one why I want her to survive the transformation at all. And I will be pretty disappointed if some of these great villains are killed off too quickly. I think I like some of them more than the hero of the tale. C+

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