Friday, October 27, 2006

John Woo's Seven Brothers #1

Garth Ennis & Jeevan Kang

Seven men are brought together by a mysterious woman, each of whom has a special power, whether it be teleportation or super-sight. Well, all except one guy who is a pimp and our hostess Miss Rachel Kai doesn't really understand how he fits into things herself. All she knows is that this particular group of men will band together to save the world.

Overall, this is a very generic superhero story. It was decent as far as set-ups go, but there's nothing particularly unique in what's been seen thus far. An interesting introduction at the beginning of the issue told of some secret Chinese history, and some cave explorers are about to wake what appears to be the devil, but until those elements come into play, there's nothing about the story to compel me to urge anyone to track this comic down. However, I will admit that Garth Ennis' dialogue is pretty sharp and witty at times, to the point of making me laugh out loud at one moment. On the other hand, Rachel Kai can be annoying in her quest to remain mysterious. I almost had to groan out loud at some of the things that came from her mouth. The art supplied by Kang is plenty pretty to behold, and of course, that cover by Yoshitaka Amano is pretty impressive in its own right. But the by-the-numbers superhero team has to make quite the transformation to stand out against the competition. C+

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