Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In Stores 10/11

Comics will be in stores Wednesday, despite the Columbus Day holiday (the mail was still delivered). Here are the highlights...

Desolation Jones TP - Another hit from Warren Ellis, with a loyal following. I haven't checked this bad boy out yet, but now that the first six issues are being collected, it seems like the ideal time. Art by J.H. Williams III!

Absolute Sandman (Volume 1) HC - The first DC Absolute version of a few hardcovers chronicling the Vertigo monster title sees release, loaded with plenty of extra goodies, and colors touched up a bit in places. Should be a beaut for anyone willing to fork over $99 for the behemoth.

Fables Special Edition #1 - Been thinking about checking out Fables? Especially in light of the definitive Bill Willingham interview in the last Comics Journal? Well, now's a good time. For 25 cents, you can get the first issue to see if it's something worth buying collections of.

Gen 13 #1 - Gail Simone tries her hand at reinvigorating the Wildstorm title.

Ultimate Power #1 (of 9) - Brian Michael Bendis and friends introduce the Squadrom Supreme characters to the Ultimate Universe in a crossover with the Ultimates.

Sidescrollers GN - And last but not least, for a mere $12 you can get your hands on one of the best graphic novel releases of the year so far. Check this one out!

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