Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In Stores 9/6

Comics are late this week due to Labor Day. So here are a few titles (it's a light week) you may want to take a second peek at this Thursday...

American Splendor #1 (of 4) - Harvey Pekar's new mini-series from Vertigo/DC rears its head this week, riding on the success of last year's The Quitter graphic novel.

New Alice In Wonderland Color Manga (Volume 1) TP - The first issue of this series was an okay read. I would personally pass and just read the original novel...that or check out Slave Labor Graphics' fun new take on Wonderland in, well, Wonderland.

X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #1 (of 5) - Greg Pak returns to Phoenix lore with the sequel to the popular (and pretty damn good) X-Men: Phoenix Endsong. Unfortunately, Greg Land's not returning on art. Instead we get Tyler Kirkman.

Totally Spies (Volume 1): The O P GN and Totally Spies (Volume 2): I Hate the 80's GN - What is it about this cartoon that gets me? I just love it! Anyways, these graphic novels are only $8, but also come in hardcover editions for $13.

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