Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In Stores 9/13

Quite the week for...well, graphic novels and collections. This is going to be an exercise in picking and choosing...

Abandon the Old In Tokyo HC - Yoshihiro Tatsumi's latest hardcover collection debuts in-stores, following the beautifully packaged The Push Man and Other Stories. Tatsumi's a master, not to be missed.

Comic Art Magazine #8 - If you ordered this on-line, you've had it for a couple of weeks, but for the rest of you unfortunates, prepare to be envied for the experience you are about to embark on.

Doom Patrol (Volume 4): Musclebound TP - The latest of DC's collections of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol run. I believe we get to see Flex Mentallo in this volume...should be cool.

Essential Hulk (Volume 4) TP - I'm not the biggest Hulk fan, but Patrick loves these collections. I point this out for his sake.

Kramer's Ergot (Volume 6) SC - One of the most anticipated anthologies of the year makes it's way to your local store (well, if it's a good store).

Mome (Volume 5) GN - And another anthology. These guys could have been spaced out a little more. Mome's not as exciting as Kramer's Ergot's appearance on this list merely because it comes out a few times a year. But really, in a fair world, both would be picked up. And eventually, they should be.

Niger #1 - I've been looking forward to this guy for awhile. A new title from Fantagraphic's Ignatz line, telling folktales through woodcuts.

Pride of Baghdad HC - This will probably sell better than everything else on this list. Probably combined. But we can't blame the book for that. It looks beautiful.

:01 First Second Books - The second wave of titles from the exciting new publisher is arriving in comic stores (after a week or two in the local B&N) including...

- American Born Chinese SC & HC
- Journey Into Mohawk Country SC
- Kampung Boy SC
- Klezmer (Book 1): Tales of the Old East SC & HC
- Missouri Boy SC
- Sardine in Outer Space (Volume 2) SC

Choose wisely...

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