Saturday, September 23, 2006

Habitual Entertainment #2-3

Will Dinski

I haven't read many mini-comics, but I was certainly pleased by the quality I found among Will Dinski's comics in his Habitual Entertainment series. Not only was a lot of craft put into the pacing, the layout and the drawings themselves, but Dinski put together a very beautiful package, with a lot of obvious TLC, as you see in the pride of many mini-comics if you happen to shop at hip stores like Quimby's in Chicago. Habitual Entertainment #2 in particular stood out with its art on a transparency overlying a gold cardstock cover, and the details put into the copyright and correspondance page demonstrates that those years the author spent at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design weren't in vain. But really, beyond the package, these comics are quite good. The second issue, "Fool's Gold," follows out-of-work actor Gerald as he finally lands a a secret shopper through a temp agency. He makes the most of his situation though, behaving as though he'd gotten the best part of his life, inviting neighbors and friends alike to his "performance." It's really a fun, unique story, the likes of which isn't seen too often in comics. Issue three of Habitual Entertainment delves into the realm of science fiction as the life of a farmer, his son and the robots that make their work that much easier is explored, leading to a sweet yet disturbing climax...and future. Both of these comics were highly entertaining and I'd recommend them as a good place to start if you're gearing up to delve into the world of mini-comics. Both issues are available at the creator's website for $3 apiece.

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