Thursday, September 14, 2006

In Passing...Fables to Claws

Fables #53
Bill Willingham & Mark Buckingham

The second issue of the "Sons of Empire" story has Lumi, the Ice Queen, run down her proposal for how she plans on destroying the Mundy World, and consequently Fabletown. Meanwhile, life goes on back with the loveable fables. There's a cute little back story to this issue too, illustrated by Joshua Middleton. B

Claws #2 (of 3)
Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Joe Linsner

Linsner's art continues to impress. The story behind Wolvie and Black Cat's abduction is pretty silly, and while the action in this issue is non-stop, it's also wholly unimpressive. The pencils are really the only reason to buy this comic. C-

Ms. Marvel #7
Brian Reed & Robert De La Torre

There was a pretty flawless transition into Civil War with the previous issue, this one picking up where the last one left us with Arana and Julia Carpenter (AKA Arachne, or the Spider-Woman with the cool black costume and red hair). While Ms. Marvel continues to impress as a really great superhero comic, Marvel has overall failed at making anybody in favor of the Superhuman Registration Act seem like a "good guy." There are attempts to show Carol in a good light in this book, as she tries to help Arana come to the right decisions and avoid arrest, but throwing in a character like Julia Carpenter who wants nothing more than to pick up her daughter and run to Canada, just serves to make Carol and her "Cape Killers" look like a bunch of dicks. There was a tender moment with Carol involving Captain America previously that made her sympathetic, but that was only because she protected him and went against the law. Anyways....this was a good issue. I really like Julia Carpenter - I hope to see her in the future. B+

Devi #3
Samit Basu & Mukesh Singh

This is a pretty decent comic book. It doesn't exactly blow me away from week to week, but three issues in, I'm still intrigued at what's going on, and wonder where we'll find our characters next, particularly as Tara makes her metamorphosis into the next Devi. I really like the villain Kratha. If she didn't have that whole Witchblade thing going on with her hands, I would say she was a really cool visual. I think the packaging of these books is pretty poor - the covers always look really cheap and amateurish when compared to other publishers'. Not that, as the cliche goes, a book should be judged... C+

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