Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In Stores 9/27

This week in comics...

Chickenhare: House of Klaus TP - An all-ages story from Chris Grine about a half-chicken, half-hare and his buddy, a turtle named Abe, on the run from a crazy taxidermist they'd been sold to who has a thing for unique animals.

Wonderland #2 - Another all-ages comic. It's been months since the awesome debut issue of the series from Slave Labor Graphics.

The Walking Dead (Volume 5): Best Defense TP - And another collection of Robert Kirkman's zombie story from Image Comics ships to stores this week. Hope it's better than the last one...

Zombie #1 (of 4) - Marvel does zombies once again in a MAX mini-series from Mike Raicht and Kyle Hotz. While this does follow a character named Simon Garth (same as the character from Tales of the Zombie), it's unclear whether this will follow any continuity. It should be noted that that character's first appearance was in a short story from Stan Lee and Bill Everett also entitled simply "Zombie."

The Comics Journal #278 - Subscribers to the magazine have had access to the entire content via the internet for awhile now, but the physical magazine will be in stores Wednesday, boasting an interview with Bill Willingham.

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