Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In Stores 9/20

Some items of interest you may want to peruse on Wednesday...

X-Men First Class #1 (of 8) - A new mini-series telling new tales of the original X-Men team. Beautiful cover.

Wetworks #1 - This is a new Wildstorm series from Mike Carey, with art by Whilce Portacio and Trevor Scott, about a team of men who keep monsters in check.

Godland (Volume 2): Another Sunny Delight TP - The second volume of Joe Casey's Kirby-inspired Godland finally comes out!!

Disney Comics Classics Collection (Volume 1) - This is a collection of rare Disney comics that go back almost seventy years. For $50, you get a nice 256 page hardcover volume.

Civil War #4 (of 7) - I hear there's supposed to be a shocking occurence in this issue. I'd be more shocked if nothing surprising happened in one of the issues.

Blade #1 - A new ongoing series featuring the Daywalker had to happen in concurrence with the new television series. They have to make a good one eventually...right?

Ms. Marvel (Volume 1): Best of the Best Premiere HC - This is a really good superhero series, but it doesn't exactly warrant a hardcover edition. You should read this, but you can wait for the paperback trade.

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