Sunday, September 10, 2006

How'd I do?

The Harvey Award winners were announced at the Baltimore Con! If you recall, last June I made my predictions for the Harvey Award winners. Time to compare my choices versus the actual winners...

Best Writer
Winner: Ed Brubaker
My choice: Brian Michael Bendis

Best Artist
Winner: J.H. Williams III
My choice: J.H. Williams III

Best Cartoonist
Winner: Chris Ware
My choice: Chris Ware

Best Letterer
Winner: Chris Ware
My choice: Well, I didn't actually pick one...I don't pay enough attention to letterers

Best Inker
Winner: Charles Burns
My choice: Charles Burns

Best Colorist
Winner: Laura Martin
My choice: Laura Martin

Best Cover Artist
Winner: James Jean
My choice: James Jean

Best New Talent
Winner: R. Kikuo Johnson & Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
My choice: R. Kikuo Johnson

Best New Series
Winner: Young Avengers, Heinberg & Cheung
My choice: X-Factor, Peter David & various

Best Continuing or Limited Series
Winner: Runaways, Vaughan & Alphona
My choice: Acme Novelty Library, Chris Ware

Best Syndicated Strip or Panel
Winner: Maakies, Tony Millionaire
My choice: Anything but The Amazing Spider-Man (I won't count this as a guess)

Best Anthology
Winner: Solo
My choice: Any but Marvel's (again, not a real guess)

Best Graphic Album - Original
Winner: Tricked, Alex Robinson
My choice: Night Fisher, R. Kikuo Johnson

Best Graphic Album - Previously Published
Winner: Black Hole, Charles Burns
My choice: Black Hole, Charles Burns

Best Single Issue or Story
Winner: Love & Rockets (Volume 2) #15, Los Bros. Hernandez
My choice: Acme Novelty Library #16, Chris Ware

Best Domestic Reprint Project
Winner: Little Nemo In Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays, Windsor McCay
My choice: Walt & Skeezix, Frank King

Best American Edition of Foreign Material
Winner: Buddha, Osama Tezuka
My choice: Buddha (Tezuka) or Epileptic (David B.)

Best On-Line Comics Work
Winner: American Elf, James Kochalka
My choice: American Elf, James Kochalka

Special Award For Humor In Comics
Winner: Kyle Baker (Plastic Man)
My choice: James Kochalka (Superf*ckers)

Special Award For Excellence In Presentation
Winner: Little Nemo In Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays (Windsor McCay)
My choice: Acme Novelty Library (Chris Ware)

Best Biographical, Historical or Journalistic Presentation
Winner: The Comics Journal
My choice: The Comics Journal

Lifetime Achievement Awards went to John Romita Sr. and George Perez.

So, how'd I do? Well, of the eighteen (out of twenty-one) I actually made a guess on (I'm cheating and counting multiple guesses - there were only two!), I predicted ten winners out of eighteen. Not too shabby - that's over half. I was on a roll at the beginning...

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