Friday, September 08, 2006

In Passing...Uncanny to X-Men

So, I got my comics from on the same day as I picked up this week's comics via the local store. It's pretty sick that four of the title are X-books (three of which are briefly reviewed here)...

Uncanny X-Men #478
Ed Brubaker & Billy Tan

The latest chapter in Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire picks up on events from issue #476, where we left our brave heroes drifting in space. I'm loving the art on this book. On one of the last few pages of this issue, there's a panel at the bottom with Nightcrawler bamfing, leaving an outline of himself in his wake that's just beautiful. The action is depicted masterfully, as is the ever-lovely Miss Dane, one of my favorite X-characters. But really, each issue is an exciting piece of the storyline, and I can't wait for the conflict that this book is leading toward. B+

X-Men #190
Mike Carey & Chris Bachalo

The other X-book is pretty good too, but I find it a little hard to follow. A lot's going on here with an unwieldy cast of characters and I don't think the artist is quite strong enough to pull it all off as it's meant to be. I really do enjoy Bachalo's art in general, however, and am glad to see him lend his talents to the book. I think this book could stand to slow down and take a breath at some point in the near future, as the constant bombardment of action doesn't really make me feel much for the characters amid the situation. But I am glad to see Northstar and Aurora in this issue! C-

X-Factor #10
Peter David
Renato Arlem & Roy Allen Martinez

I am really loving the art in X-Factor here. Renato Arlem is great for this title, serving the noir atmosphere well. Martinez kicked the issue off with a flashback, and I really enjoyed the art there too, which I didn't find very distracting when the pen switched hands and the story commenced in real time. In particular, I think that Arlem depicts the women of the title better than any previous artist on the book. Oh, and the story's good too. B+

Snakewoman #2
Zeb Wells & Michael Gaydos

Following a spectacular Alias-esque debut issue, Snakewoman continues to thrill with Gaydos' beautiful art and an intriguing story of reincarnation and secret societies. I really like Jessica Peterson's circle of friends in this book. They were depicted stronger in the first issue when we were first introduced to the protagonist, but I'm sure plenty more character interaction is on its way once the initial burst of action has played out. Unfortunately, I didn't really care for the annoying, simpering Mr. Robinson character introduced in this issue and he was pretty prominently featured... B+

Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #2 (of 4)
Zeb Wells & Stefano Caselli

Now that I've actually read a little Young Avengers, I don't feel like I'm missing as much in this title, particularly since the characters keep referencing past events. But this book has its weaknesses when it comes to both sets of characters. I really enjoy the art when it comes to the characters of Runaways, but they seem off character-wise. Really pompous and spoiled and generally unlikeable. On the flip-side, the Young Avengers seem more like the characters from their own book, but the art isn't as strong (not that you can blame Caselli in face of Jim Cheung's fabulous art on that book). In the end, this is just kind of a mish-mash, with little in terms of interesting things occurring, that doesn't do either team justice. D

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