Thursday, September 21, 2006

In Passing...Runaways to Nextwave

This week in floppies...

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #8
Warren Ellis & Stuart Immonen

This was a good storyline. Not that there was much story. Nextwave kicked monster butt. However, it was less random and repetitive than the previous storyarc, putting the series back on track as one of the best superhero titles out there presently. I loved the strange, over-the-top flashbacks with Elsa Bloodstone this issue. She's just awesome. And nice social commentary provided by Ellis, having "The Mindless Ones" (or the rock monsters of this issue) doing what humans generally do (go to bars, watch TV, etc). Very Romero-esque. A

X-Factor #11
Peter David, Renato Arlem & Roy Allen Martinez

X-Factor deals with what occurred at the end of the previous issue and have pretty much had it with Singularity by this point. Plus a good old-fashioned scuffle between team members. B-

Civil War #4 (of 7)
Mark Millar & Steve McNiven

This little Marvel mini-series provides many surprises, none of which I will spoil here, and none of which are really that spectacular anyway. This issue pretty much takes up where the last one left off, causing more rifts between friends, and setting things up for issues to come. And just when Millar manages to shed a little (very little) sympathy on Iron Man's side of the fence, he doubly insures that no readers will remain sympathetic for long. And when did Mister Fantastic get so dark and bad-ass? C-

Runaways #20
Brian K. Vaughan & Mike Norton

Chase goes to a dark place while the rest of the Runaways battle a very, very big monster. They may be a little over their heads with this one. Xavin continues to exchange tart remarks with Karolina's teammates, establishing him/herself as the team bitch. B

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