Sunday, July 16, 2006

Snakewoman #1

Hot on the heels of last week's Virgin debut title Devi, Snakewoman rears its head, boasting the talent of Zeb Wells and Michael Gaydos. The concept behind this comic came from director Shekhar Kapur, as did Devi, but this comic is far superior. In this issue, we are introduced to the world of Jessica Peterson, a fairly conservative girl (at least in contrast to her flippant, irresponsible roommate Jin) who waits tables with her roommate at the bar Bad Karma. Some strange things happen to her after a new boy moves in across the hall in their apartment complex, ending in a fatal encounter. Now, I love Michael Gaydos. His art on Alias was perfect, especially given the tone of the book. This book, not surprisingly, harbors that same noir atmosphere as that series, minus the incessant cussing. Indeed, the main character of the book sometimes even looks like Jessica Jones with a streak of green hair. I'm sure this is going to draw many comparisons to Alias, but really, this is a different sort of story, a reimagining of the Naga myth. A lot of what made this story interesting were Jessica's relationships with the people in her life, particularly with her roommate, who seems to have gotten used to walking all over Jessica over the years. Wells and Gaydos do a great job of conveying her frustration and fear across the pages while setting up an intriguing mystery that lies beneath the surface of the protagonist and perhaps in strangers around her. I highly recommend this book.

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