Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Strangehaven: Brotherhood

Gary Spencer Millidge's second volume of Strangehaven, entitled "Brotherhood," picks up a few weeks after Alex goes on his camping excursion (from the end of the last book) and plays catch-up with what he's been up to, while continuing the soap opera lifestyles of the rest of the town. Although this time around, things are expressed that give the reader a better idea of what's going on in the small sleepy village, things are still left lovingly vague. Strangehaven customs take place that are slightly unnerving, despite the explanations behind them, leading one to think that some of the stranger elements behind the townspeople may be less innocent than they appear. This is where some of the story's plots are paid off, as well, as some pretty big events take place toward the end of the volume. But really, it's fun enough just taking in the realistic art and getting to know the characters of Millidge's universe through the small town politics and slowly-unfolding events. Many of the characters' lives are over-the-top (a supposed alien, a shaman from an Amazonian tribe) and it is fun to hear about them, but it's really the interaction between the people in the book and how they relate to one another (depite some huge differences) in the face of the secrets around them that they do not talk about.

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