Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Claymore, from the pen of Norihiro Yagi, is a manga series set to debut in April. The March edition of Shonen Jump gave its readers a little taste of what the series is like in the form of a 64-page preview. Basically, the story follows a claymore warrior who comes to a small village to rid it of a yoma, a monster who takes the form of humans so that it can blend in with them and basically feast upon them. Claymore are named after the swords they carry - a name thrust upon the warriors because they are, basically, weapons themselves. Claymore are humans who willingly take part of the demon within themselves to become a half-breed. They are manufactured by humans to fight the yoma, and are doomed to travel from village to village, destroying the creatures, for cash. It's because the claymore are half-demon themselves that they are able to see the yoma for what they are, and as they battle the creatures, their eyes become like that of the monsters (thus the first scene is entitled "The Silver-Eyed Slayer). Claymore can only be female since no man has ever been able to survive the transformation process, and inherit abnormal strength and speed from their demon halves. Unfortunately, because of their demonic nature, they are feared by the humans they protect. With this glimpse into the story, a claymore encounters a boy Raki, who is fascinated by the half-demon, half-human and tries to befriend her, because she will be the one to destroy his parents' murderer. It's really a neat premise, if not a pretty involved one, and it's complimented by some really nice art. I'm definitely going to check out the first collection, at least, based on this preview. I would recommend at least taking a peak at the art at your local B&N in Shonen Jump...

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