Friday, March 31, 2006

Dragon Head (v.2)

The second installment of Mintaro Mochizuki's Dragon Head hit comic stores this week and did not disappoint. If it weren't for Nana, I would say that this is the best manga series going right now. It is the best horror manga. For those of you unaware of its premise, some sort of disaster has taken place that caused a train full of students and teachers to crash. Only a few students survive the accident to find themselves trapped in a tunnel that is slowly collapsing. The first volume held many slow moments as the characters adjusted to the situation (and tried to make sense of it), while the second book is full of non-stop action. The tension mounts between the survivors as their situation grows progessively worse and they become desperate to escape their prison. If you're going to check out one new manga title, let it be this one.

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