Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Distant Soil: Coda

Colleen Doran's fantasy/sci-fi epic continues, picking up the pieces from the startling events of the end of the previous collection (some of the most utterly shocking moments I've ever experienced in comics). In volume four of A Distant Soil, we are treated to more beautifully elaborate illustrations of an alien universe as our characters work to bring about the downfall of the religious dynasty's hierarchy. While A Distant Soil has always suffered from an unwieldy cast of characters, it seems much more controlled in "Coda." Many of the characters are mere background fodder as the focus of the story engages a handful of important figures within the saga. Unfortunately, Doran's epic story will be concluding very soon, as only one more volume is scheduled for release. As the title draws to a close, the tension of the story mounts and we are subjected to much of that here in the fourth volume. Anyone who hasn't experienced the beautiful wonders of A Distant Soil, with its half-naked characters and intricate explanations, I would suggest giving it a try. A treasure like this doesn't come along all too often.

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